Why Pyeongchang winners are receiving plush toys on platters
Why Pyeongchang winners are receiving plush toys on platters
2018-03-13 18:39:49

With the first medals awarded at the winter Olympics, the internet exploded with a question: why have been athletes given teddy bears, with out a sign of their difficult-gained gold, silver or bronze medallions?

immediately after successful their pursuits, athletes stand on a podium as a procession of ladies wrapped in purple coats carry out three trays of plush toys within the form of the reputable Olympic mascot.

It turns out it is not a “teddy undergo” in any respect, however a white tiger considered a guardian animal in Korean mythology.

The arrangement has led to awkward pictures of emotional athletes beaming mere minutes after fitting Olympic champions, standing on a podium with an unfamiliar plush toy.

an analogous version of the toy sells for 25,000 Korean gained (£16.70) on the legit Olympic save and is made in China.

In outdated years athletes have been given flora, with medals given out instantly after hobbies in the summertime games.

Athletes in Pyeongchang do finally get medals, but at a joint ceremony later in the night.

“The flower ceremony, or during this case the cuddly toy ceremony, is a longstanding lifestyle,” noted Mark Adams, director of communications for the foreign Olympic Committee. “With the out of doors routine it’s quite evident,” he brought, relating to the subzero temperatures at many mountain venues.

The practice of staging a small ceremony automatically after iciness routine begun at the 2006 winter games in Turin, Italy.

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